Hard Rock Cafe founder looks to transform fairgrounds

Hard Rock Cafe founder looks to transform fairgrounds (Image 1)

A new project is being proposed for the Tennessee State Fairgrounds.

The co-founder of the Hard Rock Café and the House of Blues, Isaac Tigrett, announced his plans for the fairgrounds.

According to the Project Nashville Skyline Web site, the idea started with developer, Swan Burrus III.

Tigrett is now backing the plan and with help from a Japanese architect. They've recently released several renderings of the proposed project.

In an interview shown on the TalkApolis.com, Tigrett explained that their plan is to transform the fairgrounds into an entertainment complex and music venue called Nashville Skyline.

“It's a new type of idea that would create a destination location, not just for tourists but for the people of Nashville and the whole Mid-South area,” Tigrett said.

Tigrett said he wants to keep the existing buildings and renovate them. He said one of the buildings would be an IMAX Theater and concert hall that seats up to 5,000 people.

The site would also have restaurants, including the world's longest bar.

“It's probably the most nostalgic piece of property that exists in the city, and when I got here, I found out it's been a hot potato for about five years,” Tigrett said.

Any proposal to redevelop the fairgrounds requires a two-thirds majority vote from the Metro Council.

Over the phone Tuesday afternoon, Buck Dozier, Executive Director of the Fairgrounds, told Nashville's News 2 the fairgrounds are currently not for sale.

The Tennessee State Fairgrounds are located on 117 acres just south of downtown.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean attempted to redevelop the property two years ago, however the project was rejected.

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