Case against triple stabbing suspect bound to grand jury

Case against triple stabbing suspect bound to grand jury (Image 1)

A grand jury will hear the case against a Bellevue man accused of slaying three neighbors earlier this year.

Craig Garber is charged with three counts of first degree murder for the September killings of a grandmother, mother and son.

According to investigators, 71-year-old Marylea Jordan, 48-year-old Michelle Pinkowski and her teenage son, Jonathan Culpepper, 14, were all stabbed to death in their Beech Bend Drive home, allegedly, by Garber, who was the family's neighbor.

During a preliminary hearing Tuesday morning, neighbor Jason Zimmerman testified that he heard a knock on his front door shortly before 3 a.m. that morning. He opened it to find a nine-year-old girl.

“She was standing there. She yelled, 'He's killing my grandma, he's killing my grandma! Someone needs to hurry. She's not going to make it!'” Zimmerman recalled.

Zimmerman said he grabbed his gun and ran over to the little girl's house where he saw Garber inside.

“I yelled, 'Open the door' and hit it a couple of times.  He then walked back by the door, looked out at me but just proceeded to walk back toward the bedroom area,” he continued.

Zimmerman said Garber was shirtless and was wearing a pair of shorts but “looked normal” and “didn't appear like he was rushing, hurrying or anything.”

Moments later, Zimmerman heard sirens and took his gun back to his house to leave it with his wife, who had called 911.  He then ran back over to the house to meet police.

“I said, 'You need to go in, you need to go in!'” Zimmerman recalled of his conversation with responding officers. “They knocked on the door maybe two times and [Garber] opened the door and he was covered from head to toe in blood, completely covered in blood.”

Officer William Caillouette said when Garber opened the door he was immediately ordered to the ground at gunpoint.  The 41-year-old cooperated with police and mumbled “they attacked me.”

Officers noticed stab wounds on Garber's arms.

Inside the home they found a military style knife covered in blood.

Officer Caillouette then described finding the three victims who had been stabbed numerous times and did not appear to be breathing.

Garber did not appear in court Tuesday morning.

His case was bound over to the grand jury.

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