Babysitter charged with murder of 2-month-old

Babysitter charged with murder of 2-month-old (Image 1)

Metro police have charged an Antioch babysitter with murder following the August death of a two-month-old boy in her care.

Mary Ann Lane, 57, was arrested Saturday night at her of Brentridge Drive home for the death of Maddox Roberts.

In addition to first degree murder, Lane is charged with aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect.

Maddox Roberts was born on June 18 to a teenage mother and lived in Murfreesboro.

The child's grandmother knew Lane and arranged for her to babysit.

The mother and grandmother reported that Lane called them on the evening of August 13 and said she had tripped and fallen while holding Maddox, causing him to also hit the floor.

Lane called 911 and paramedics worked to resuscitate and stabilize the victim before transporting him to Vanderbilt.

Maddox died two days later, on August 15.

Autopsy findings showed that Maddox suffered extensive head injuries inconsistent with Lane's claim of a fall.

The medical examiner's office concluded the child died as the result of homicide.

Lane was booked into the Metro jail on a $200,000 bond.

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