Stabbing victim’s family calls for increased security at Metro parks

Stabbing victim's family calls for increased security at Metro parks (Image 1)

The family of stabbing victim Terry Tramel is calling for more security at the popular Nashville park where he was attacked.

In May, Metro police said Terry Tramel got into a verbal confrontation with three suspects as he walked to his vehicle in a parking lot near the Stones River Greenway's entrance.

Tramel, 49, was stabbed repeatedly and underwent lifesaving surgery following the attack.

“You're running and all of the sudden people attack you at three o'clock in the afternoon and your life changes in an instant, just like what happened to my dad,” Jennifer Tramel, the victim's daughter, told Nashville's News 2.

Jennifer Tramel believes that surveillance cameras and police patrols need to be increased in the area where her father was attacked.

“Possibly, maybe one or two police officers, just patrolling occasionally throughout so that people know that there [are] people around who will protect those who are on the Greenway,” Tramel said.

Tramel's concerns come on the heels of a December 4 attack in Madison's Peeler Park.

“If you were just to find a partner to go with you [to the park] that would greatly increase your chances of not being harmed,” Tramel said. “I think that people who run or are on their bicycles, if they just take out their headphones so that they can hear what's going on around them that would increase safety.”

Following the stabbing of Tramel, police arrested Marcus Marcelo, 30, Rachel Marcinek, 20, and Joseph Ostling, 36, on felony aggravated assault charges.

Ostling is additionally charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest and criminal trespassing.

The suspects are believed to be homeless and Marcelo and Marcinek are believed to have traveled to Nashville by freight train from Arizona.

Jennifer Tramel says her father has since recovered from the attack.

The three suspects are due in court next year.

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