Tech gifts to fill the extra space in the stocking

Tech gifts to fill the extra space in the stocking (Image 1)

The number one thing children ask Santa for isn't an iPad or a game, but a surprise. If you're looking for a few ideas to fill that spot on a Christmas list, there are more than a few options.

Tradition says that Santa Claus started giving gifts by putting them into the stockings hanging to dry on the fireplace mantel. They can't be very big, and you still have to leave room for an orange, candy canes and a lump of coal if you haven't been good.

If you are looking to fill out that extra space in the stocking, there are some affordable gadgets small enough to get the job done.

A handy accessory to have around when it's chilly is a stylus pen. You can use the pen to navigate through your smartphone or tablet while wearing gloves. They come in two sizes, the size of about a pen and the size of golf pencil. The stylus pens have a soft, finger-like tip, allowing you to swipe and tap the icons. There are several different colors and styles to pick from and usually cost just a few dollars.

If a stylus isn't your thing, NuTouch gloves do the job too. The gloves are a light wool/cotton blend. And while they may not keep your hands warm in the coldest weather, they're a lot easier to keep up with than a stylus. The $20 price tag isn't too bad, either.

A new iPhone case makes a good gift, too. The X-Doria company makes beautiful wraps for the iPhone 5 and the 4s and 4 models They have a lot of different styles, too, from metal to bamboo.

Sure, you are sacrificing protection for looks, but sometimes it's critical to make a statement of just how cool you are. Those cases cost anywhere from $30 to $40.

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