Mom arrested for embezzling from soccer team

Mom arrested for embezzling from soccer team (Image 1)

A former treasurer for the Fairview Soccer Association (FSA) is facing felony theft charges after she admitted to fellow board members that she stole $85,000 over the course of several years while serving on the board.

Fairview Police arrested Cynthia Mangrum without incident Friday following a Williamson County Grand Jury indictment December 5.

Police started investigating her after board members noticed accounting irregularities and confronted Mangrum.

According to investigators, Mangrum admitted to taking the money for her personal use.

Mangrum declined to comment on her arrest when reached by phone at her home.

FSA board president John Fegler said in a statement, “In the recent past, it had come to the attention of FSA in Fairview, Tennessee that an integral member of the FSA board had acted in a manner unbecoming of an FSA board member,” the statement read.

It continued, “Upon the discovery of such information, the FSA board removed this individual from all affiliation with FSA, immediately began an effort to investigate the potential issues, and took actions to preserve the association.”

Fegler said the board adopted new board members to rebuild the board and organization. That includes adding checks and balances to the board members positions.

“FSA appreciates your understanding and support of our inability to discuss details surrounding this matter,” Fegler wrote. “FSA stands strong in the ability to recover from this incident and provide the atmosphere that will continue to mold our organization into a positive Soccer Association for our children.”

Fegler said in an email to Nashville's News 2 that the thefts did not have an impact on the FSA soccer season.

Participating in soccer associations like FSA can be expensive.

Parents often pay monthly fees as well as incur traveling expenses so their children can participate.

In Franklin, Grassland Middle School's soccer team took on Page Middle School's soccer team for the county soccer championship.

Grassland Middle School won the championship.

After the game parents were floored when they heard what FSA was facing.

“I am just trying to imagine what the parents are going through in Fairview all that money they invested that's supposed to be paying for their coaches or that is supposed to be paying for the next tournament,” parent Rick Jackson said. “That kind of money is not easy to come up with. It is not a good economy to have to pay it twice.”

Gigi McMurray said her family bears the expense as an investment in her son's future.

“That would really make me angry,” McMurray said. “It is not fair especially to the kids.”

Mangrum is free on $25,000 bond.

She is due in court December 17 according to the Williamson County Jail.

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