UT Fans have mixed opinions on new coach Butch Jones

UT Fans have mixed opinions on new coach Butch Jones (Image 1)

Tennessee fans are largely mixed on whether UT hired the right man as head football coach.

Some fans Nashville's News 2 spoke with admitted they knew nothing about newly appointed coach Butch Jones.

“I didn't know who he was,” said fan Rebecca Aldred. “Well it's kind of like it was with Derrick Dooley, I didn't know him either you just had to wait and see.”
Fan Cameron Moore added, “Tennessee might be a little better. I'm just tired of seeing Tennessee of being a losing team in the SEC. It's pretty embarrassing.”

UT offered the job to three other coaches before hiring Jones away from Cincinnati.

Many fans to social media sites such as Twitter to voice their opinion on the new hire.

Ryan Raridon tweeted “Hope Butch Jones' resume was one line: “I currently have a winning streak against Vanderbilt.”

The national sports media largely supports the hire. Stewart Mandel posted to his Twitter account, “After all that, Tennessee got a guy they would have been smart to call in the first place. Butch Jones is a star, knew he'd get big job”

Fan Tim Brando added, “Tennessee fans bemoaning the hire of Butch Jones prove again how much fans really don't know and think they know a lot. He is a great hire.”

The Vols fired former coach Derek Dooley on November 18.

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