ABC’s ‘Nashville’ has positive impact on Music City

Lipscomb University and the Nashville Business Journal hosted their quarterly Nashville Business breakfast Friday morning at Allen Arena.

Mayor Karl Dean and President of the Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau Butch Spyridon joined the producer of ABC's hit show “Nashville” to discuss Music City's convention and tourism industry which has seen a big boost as a result of the nationally televised show.  

“The show is exceeding all of our expectations,” Spyridon said. “It's like I've hired three or four more sales people and added several million to our advertising budget all for free.”

ABC's hit show ‘Nashville' is also bringing even more attention to our city along with some positive economic impact.

Producer Loucas George gave the group some insight into how much he contributes a month to Nashville's economy.  

“I'll spend $1.6 million for the whole season in camera rentals. So we are spending a good chuck of change here, $189,000 a month in production vehicles,” he said.  

George added he has worked all over the country but he told Nashville's News 2, he loves Music City.

“In Los Angeles, every body is an actor, everybody's got a script. Out here, everybody is a song writer, but everybody here is very normal, which I like a lot,” he said.

George said he will further contribute to the Nashville economy by buying a house here if the show continues to be a success.

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