SUV careens into Lebanon jewelry store

SUV careens into Lebanon jewelry store (Image 1)

A Lebanon jewelry store is getting patched up after an SUV plowed through the front glass Thursday morning.

Four people where inside of The Jewelers located at 1418 West Main Street when the vehicle took out part of the store shortly after 11 a.m.

The three employees and one customer were not hurt.

“I felt the air of the van go by me. That was kind of freaky,” store employee Veronica Mallicoat told Nashville's News 2.

Mallicoat was standing just inches away from the SUV when it crashed into the store.

The vehicle came to rest in a back office where store owner Shawn Smith usually works.

Smith told Nashville's News 2 he owes his life to the new puppy he adopted Thursday morning.

“He started barking, so I took him home. I literally walked from my office maybe two minutes before the crash,” said Smith.

Witnesses told Nashville's News 2 an elderly man driving the SUV and his female passenger also appeared to be okay.

The couple was not transported to the hospital following the crash.

It's unclear what caused the driver to lose control of his vehicle. It's believed a medical condition may be to blame.

The business is still open but repairmen are working to put the store back together.

Several jewelry cases were broken during the crash sending silver pieces, watches and beads all over the store.

The fine jewelry cases and client merchandise were not disturbed.

The estimated damage is at least $100,000.

The store plans to be open for business on Friday.

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