Fire destroys Clarksville home, damages neighbors’

Fire destroys Clarksville home, damages neighbors' (Image 1)

A fire destroyed a home in Clarksville Thursday afternoon and damaged two others.

The fire broke out shortly before 2 p.m. at the home located on Colin Court in the northeast section of the city.

Bailey Ward was home alone at the time, on winter break from college. She was enjoying the afternoon when something caught her attention.

“I heard a really loud cracking and snapping noise and I just though it was coming from our fireplace,” Ward told Nashville's News 2.

She went upstairs to investigate, but found nothing out of the ordinary until she looked out the window.

“I saw a dense cloud of smoke outside just past the kitchen window.” Ward said. “Sure enough it was a fire.”

Ward bolted from the home and called 911. She watched helplessly as she waited for fire crews to arrive.

“It was a huge tower of smoke, it seemed like it could go on forever into the sky, the fire was eating away at the roof and the attic and it was a scary picture, I mean this fire was eating away my home,” said Ward.

Flames engulfed the home and then spread to a neighbor's, causing significant damage to siding on the adjacent home. The home on the other side also sustained minor damage to siding.

It took crews from four Clarksville fire stations to get the two-alarm blaze under control.

The home, which the Ward family moved into in 2009, is a total loss. For now, the family is staying in an area hotel.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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