Detective renews effort to solve case of murdered Smyrna toddler

Detective renews effort to solve case of murdered Smyrna toddler (Image 1)

It's been almost five years since the remains of a missing Rutherford County child were found.

Two-year-old Analyce Guerra disappeared from her Smyrna home on April 23, 2006.

Her skeletal remains were identified in January of 2008, but her killer has not yet been found.

It's a cold case that troubles the Smyrna Police Department every single day, especially Detective Angela Istvanditsch, who was officially assigned to the case as an investigator about a year ago.

“I come into the office every day with her file right in front of me,” said Istvanditsch, “I keep it right on my desktop and it reminds me I've got to do something on that case every day.”

Det. Istvanditsch and others in the department are now renewing their efforts to find the little girl's killer.

“I think hopefully enough time has gone by and enough things have changed,” explained Istvanditsch, “That maybe somebody will come forward and say, 'Hey I remember this now' or 'Hey, I want to talk about this now.'”

Analyce's disappearance and murder shocked the Smyrna community.

The toddler's mother discovered her daughter missing on that April morning, after putting her to bed the night before with the rest of the family.

The Smyrna Police Department shared Eva Guerra's call to 911 that morning with Nashville's News 2. It's the first time anyone has heard this recording.

In the recording, Guerra is heard pleading with the dispatcher to look for her child, a little girl who was last seen wearing “a little jean dress with little sunflowers on it.”

Law enforcement and community members conducted an extensive search of the Smyrna area, even draining Stewart Creek, looking for her body.

Istvanditsch said eventually, a couple going on a nature walk in the Stones River Battlefield, found skeletal remains.

Those bones were identified as belonging to little Analyce, and the medical examiner ruled she had been killed by blunt force trauma.

Analyce's remains were found, thrown over a fence on the Stones River Battlefield property, just a few dozen yards away from Old Nashville Highway.

The clothing her mother described on the 911 call was found nearby, leading investigators to believe Analyce had been killed around the time she disappeared.

“She definitely needs justice,” said Istvanditsch, “and the only ones that can do that for her is us and hopefully we'll be able to do it.”

Since Istvanditsch took over the case, she told Nashville's News 2 she has been going over the entire case file.

Her plan is to begin re-interviewing the 64 people who were initially interviewed when Analyce disappeared.

“Any little bit of information could possibly be the piece that we need to solve this,” she explained.

Conducting new interviews will be difficult as Istvanditsch said many of the people involved, including family and witnesses, have moved from the area.

But Istvanditsch said, “I really feel like this case is solvable and we're getting closer all the time.”

“She couldn't speak for herself,” added Istvanditsch, “Whatever happened to her or whoever did it or whatever, needs to be reckoned with, I guess you could say.”

Anyone with information on Analyce's case is urged to call Smyrna police at 615-267-5146.

There is at least a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

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