Aspiring country singer charged in robbery

Aspiring country singer charged in robbery (Image 1)

A Pennsylvanian who came to Music City to be a country music performer is now behind bars and the prime suspect in two strong armed robberies in two counties.

The story begins on the night of December 4 at a gas station in Fairview.

That's when the man, identified as Richard Andino, 20, walks in to the store and asks the cashier for change for a $5 bill.

When the clerk, Tony Cooper, opens up the register, Andino grabs for the cash.  The men two struggle for close to 20 seconds before the thief finally turns to leave.

Before he can, store owner Anthony Vincent runs out of a back room and catches Andino, pinning him against the Powerball display until police arrive.

“He offered very little resistance actually. I had a hold of both arms where he couldn't move at all. I said, ‘You're done. You [aren't] going anywhere,'” Vincent said.

According to police, Andino came to Nashville two weeks ago from Pennsylvania. He wanted to be a country music star.  

He was living in a hotel but was recently evicted and living on the streets.

“He told me that his grandma needed money and I said why didn't you ask me for money then? Why you trying to steal it,” Vincent said.

Andino has also admitted his involvement in a similar crime in Bellevue. Police said he had no criminal history prior to the incident.

Vincent said he has been in the business for 25 years and has never been robbed before.

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