Gov. says ‘feelings hurt’ over ‘Nashville’ snub

Gov. says 'feelings hurt' over 'Nashville' snub (Image 1)

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam can be funny, even while mired with questions about his upcoming decision on President Obama's health care mandate for medical insurance exchanges.

After facing several pointed inquiries from the conservative Nashville Republican lunch group called First Tuesday, the Governor seemed relieved as he turned his attention to a woman adorned with reindeer antlers.

“Yes, Rudolph,” Mr. Haslam chuckled, as he took her question.

The woman, referred to as Rudolph, asked why the governor has not yet appeared on the ABC's hit show “Nashville.”

The governor responded, “It hurt my feelings that I have not been asked yet,” he said, adding, “Maybe they heard me sing one time.”

In between more lunchtime laughs, Gov. Haslam turned the tables on his fellow Republicans and asked them, “What do they say, politics is for people who do not want to act, but don't have the face for it?”

More laughs were heard, especially from those who have likened the governor's looks to that of comedian Dana Carvey.

ABC's “Nashville” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Nashville's News 2.

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