Man takes 4-year-old son along for drug deal

Dad arrested for taking infant son to drug deal (Image 1)

Murfreesboro police arrested a man over the weekend after he allegedly took his four-year-old son with him to make an illegal drug transaction.

According to WGNS Radio, Montorio Swader was taken into custody Sunday after officers observed him selling an illegal drug to 55-year-old Claude Newberry in the Walmart parking lot located on South Rutherford Boulevard.

Swader, 27, is said to have left is his son inside the vehicle unattended while he met with Newberry.

Police seized cell phones, cash and a bag of marijuana, as well as Swader's Chevy Impala.

Swader is charged with felony possession of a scheduled six drug and leaving a child unattended.

Newberry is charged with possession of a scheduled six drug.

Swader and Newberry are scheduled to appear in court in January.

*WGNS Radio contributed to this report.

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