Christmas gift ideas for that music lover on your list

Christmas gift ideas for that music lover on your list (Image 1)

People used to get records as Christmas gifts. Now, we buy iTunes gift cards. But Christmas is about being personable with gifts. For music lovers, that is not always easy, but there are some products out there that can please any music lover.

Portable, Bluetooth speakers will make any music fan happy. A Jawbone Jambox connects wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet so they'll hear the music without ear-buds. There's also a more expensive large version to play music in large rooms or outside.

The Wowee portable speaker is similar but it plays the music using a surface that resonates the sound to give it deeper bass and higher trebles.

For a more personal listening experience, there are hundreds of earphones and ear buds to choose from. The wrap-around headset from Motorola not only plays music wirelessly, but allows listeners to take calls by turning down the music automatically and raising the volume when the call is over.

If you're friend is set on ear buds, there's also subscriptions to some of the popular Internet music playersFor example, a year's subscription to Spotify means they'll be able to listen to music on a smartphone with no commercials. A Pandora subscription for no commercials and higher quality music is just $36 a year.

If they have a collection of vinyl records just gathering dust, a USB turntable makes a nice gift. It plugs into a computer for listening to old recordings.

You can also give specific albums through iTunes now. Just choose the album and gift it. You can send the download via e-mail or print the gift yourself to put it in a card. They'll get a code to download the album you choose. If a whole album isn't what you want to give, you can now gift playlists, too. Making it seem like a mix tape from 1994.

It may not be quite the same as getting opening up a crisp Kansas record in the 80s, but it's as close as you can get.

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