Man shot while protecting kids during home invasion

Man shot while protecting kids during home invasion (Image 1)

A La Vergne man was seriously injured while protecting his children from gunfire during a home invasion early Tuesday morning.

La Vergne police were dispatched to a home in the 100 block of Hickory Street just before 3 a.m.

Police said two armed men, one who was masked, forced their way through the front door with a sledge hammer and started making demands.

According to witnesses in the home, the victim, 26-year-old Randy Malone, didn't listen to the demands so the suspects started shooting with high powered weapons.

“I do know that his efforts, described by other people in the house, were that he was trying to protect the children,” said La Vergne police detective John Eubank.

Malone's fiance was too rattled to speak on camera, but told Nashville's News 2 Malone was shot twice from the waist down, as he tried to shield his two young children, ages one and five years old, from gunfire.

He was taken to the hospital and upgraded to stable condition late Tuesday morning.

Police said the children, his fiance and another couple were in the home when the incident occurred, but were not injured.

Investigators are looking for two men believed to be involved, but would not comment on a motive or any possible leads.

“From the witnesses I've spoken to at this point, they say they were both black males, wearing hoodies and one of them had their face covered with a bandana,” said Eubank.

Police said the victims just recently moved into the home.

The shooting has neighbors rattled.

“This is a normal neighborhood.  We don't have problems.  We don't have criminals running around.  So this is just a normal neighborhood.  That's why I'm so shocked about it,” said Hickory St. resident Loretta Fougeray.

A drug bust took place at the home in June 2010, but police have not said if the shooting could be related to previous tenants.

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