MADD: Stiffer DUI penalties needed in Tenn.

MADD: Stiffer DUI penalties needed in Tenn. (Image 1)

Members of a non-profit organization, alongside Tennessee senators are pushing for stiffer penalties for DUI offenders in the Volunteer State.

In the past month, at least three repeat offenders have made headlines for their multiple DUI arrests.

Danny Lee Ross was convicted of killing a mother and two teenagers in a horrific 1993 crash.

Ross was sent to prison, released and continues to get arrested for DUI. He was charged with his fourth offense earlier this month.

Another repeat offender includes 31-year-old Jeremy Church who was taken into custody over the weekend for this fourth DUI.

He was released on bond after spending a few hours behind bars.

In Franklin, 46-year-old Gregory Powers was charged with vehicular homicide after police said he crossed the center line and struck and killed a motorcycle driver last week.

Investigators believe Powers was drunk but they are waiting for blood alcohol test results.

At the time of the crash, Powers was out on bond for a vehicular assault charge and DUI from July.  

Many, including Tennessee senators and members of the non-profit organization Mothers Against Drivers are concerned by the repeat offenders.

“What do you have to do to keep people off the roads? I think it's a question all of us ask everyday,” state Senator Mae Beavers told Nashville's News 2.

Sen. Beavers has fought for stronger DUI laws in Tennessee.

“We have too much plea bargaining going on where people can be stopped four, five times before they ever get their first DUI,” said Sen. Beavers.

She says she is looking into filing new legislation next year to keep repeat offenders from getting more chances.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving believes these cases show the need for a mandatory interlock law that would force all DUI offenders to have ignition locking devices in their cars.

“The problem is people who drink, they'll get in someone else's car and so there's always a way to get around everything you pass,” said Sen. Beavers.

According to MADD, states that have passed the legislation have seen major reductions in drinking related fatalities and injuries.

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