Man arrested for 4th DUI in Nashville

Man arrested for 4th DUI in Nashville (Image 1)

Metro police arrested a man early Monday morning for his fourth DUI.

Jeremy Church, 31, was pulled over on Elliston Place after an officer spotted him driving down the center turn lane without making a turn.

The officer stated he noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the car and Church's speech was slow and slurred.

Church later refused to get out of the car and asked if he could sleep in the backseat instead.

According to the police report, Church finally got out of the car but refused to cooperate and argued the officer was not the original police officer who stopped him.

Arrest records show Monday is the fourth time Church has been stopped on suspicion of DUI in Davidson County.

His most recent arrest was in late October.

Church was not involved in any crashes at the time of his DUI arrests.

Phaedra Olsen with Mothers Against Drunk Driving told Nashville's News 2 tougher DUI laws are needed in Tennessee.

“Tennessee needs to have a primary ignition interlock program.  By being able to have that we can keep those drivers from driving as repeat offenders,” said Olsen.

Olsen knows firsthand what can happen at the hands of a drunk driver.  She was hit by one in 1996, a crash that nearly killed her and left her confined to a wheelchair.

“It's frustrating. It's frustrating because in today's society everyone knows drinking and driving is against the law and in a situation like this there are so many options,” said Olsen.

Church made bond and was released from jail Monday morning.

He is due in court January 9.

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