Shoppers support local businesses on Black Friday

Shoppers support local businesses on Black Friday (Image 1)

Local retailers often get lost in the corporate world on Black Friday, but many Mid-State shoppers made a point to spend their cash in local stores this year.

Friday morning, Phillips Toy Mart in Belle Meade was packed with customers looking to find unique gifts for their children for Christmas.

“Phillips has been a big part of Nashville for many years.  In fact, my husband came here when he was a boy and that's just an important tradition that you can't get at other stores,” said Amber Annis.

Annis brought her son, Bryce, to the store to look at the trains.

“Can't miss the trains with two boys,” Annis told Nashville's News 2.

Ellen Tighe and her family also shopped at a local store on Black Friday.

“They have a boutique selection which means you see things that are different,” said Tighe.

Studio 615 on West End had a steady stream of customers but they're hoping Saturday will be their day.

The boutique is offering 20% off clothing and 40% off accessories to help lure shoppers for Small Business Saturday. 

The national movement started in 2010 and encourages consumers to buy at least one product from a local shop this weekend.  

It's an opportunity to help the local economy.

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