Columbia firefighters on-duty for Thanksgiving

Columbia firefighters on-duty for Thanksgiving (Image 1)

Robbie Sanders was fascinated by fire engines from an early age.

Finally, just a month ago, he landed his dream job with the Columbia Fire Department.

As the department's newest rookie, Sanders shoulders some additional responsibility, taking on the role of firehouse chef and designated dishwasher.

“I get to help with the cooking and of course after our meal I get to clean dishes,” Sanders told Nashville's News 2.

The Thanksgiving holiday was far from a day off at Columbia's Fire Station Number 1.

“Emergencies happen every day of the year and we need to be prepared for that,” said Captain Ty Cobb, a 14 year veteran of the Department.

“We've had a grass fire, a transformer fire, motor vehicle accidents, and several cooking fires where people have overheated or overcooked a turkey,” said Cobb.

Between calls, the crew at Station No. 1 held a feast of their own, complete with turkey, dressing, ham, and all the trimmings. The nine crew members on-duty at Station No. 1 gave the rookie high marks for his culinary skills.

There were even enough leftovers for the firefighters to share with the clerks at a neighboring convenience store, who also had to spend the holiday on the clock.

“We're not the only ones away from our family on holidays,” Sanders told Nashville's News 2, “it feels good to take them a meal so they know somebody cares and appreciates their service too.”

Even though these firefighters are away from their family for the holiday, the tight-knit crew has ample reason to be thankful.

“We're thankful that we've had a safe year together and haven't been hurt,” said Cobb.

“I'm mostly thankful for my family and my health to be able to do this job,” said Sanders.

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