Black Friday comes a day early for eager shoppers

Black Friday comes a day early for eager shoppers (Image 1)

People eager for deep discounts and bargains lined up at stores across Middle Tennessee on Thanksgiving ahead of Black Friday.

Many stores opted to open on Thanksgiving and offer their deals before Friday leading some to coin the phrase Gray Thursday.

“I have waited in the rain and it is very much worth it especially if you have kids that want specific items you can get them here,” shopper Marquies Houston said. “You can save a lot of money.”

Houston was at Best Buy for a set of speakers. He said waiting in line for Black Friday is a tradition just like having Thanksgiving dinner.

When asked if it is worth losing time with family he replied, “My wife is in the car right now.”

Christopher Adams was in Nashville visiting family. He is stationed at Fort Bragg.

“Well you have got two benefits,” he said. “You don't have to worry about your family and all that craziness going on with Thanksgiving dinner.”

He also said, for parents, Black is a great way to fulfill their children's Christmas wish list.

“If you have boys like I do you can get games for $30 and DVDs for like $6,” he said. “You can save $600 every time you shop and then you are done for the year you can't beat it.”

Other shoppers waited in front of Target. One group of friends drove from Knoxville, just for Black Friday.

“I am getting a camera and I am saving like 300 dollars on it,” Michelle Chandler said. “It is worth the drive.”

She continued, “I am getting it.”

Target was only the first stop for Jessica Rotroff who had a list of stores to hit with her group.

“Our map starts here at 9 then we are going to get in line at Belk, from there we will go to Rack Room Shoe Rack then we will go to Staples and wait in line for Kindle Fires,” she said.

It will be a long night and Friday for the group.

“I would say [we will finish] about noon,” Rotroff said.

Mt. Juliet Police along with the Mounted Patrol from the Wilson County Sheriffs Office patrolled the shopping center as well.

The patrols were part of Mt. Juliet's Operation Safe Shopper Initiative.

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