Shoppers already lining up for Black Friday sales

Shoppers already lining up for Black Friday sales (Image 1)

Even though many retailers don't open their doors for several more hours, some eager Black Friday shoppers began lining up on Wednesday afternoon.

“We started last week looking at the ads online,” explained shopper Angie Tatum.

For Tatum, who is equipped with a tent, a space heater and blankets, the sacrifice of missing Thanksgiving dinner is worth getting certain items at a deep discounted price.

“My friends will be bringing us Thanksgiving dinner out here,” she said.

Erik Ingram told Nashville's News 2 this is the first time he has ever camped out days in advance to take advantage of Black Friday sales.

“If I've got to stand outside for a little while I will be ok,” he said, adding, “A friend of mine told me we were going to be back at work on Sunday with pneumonia, but we'll have a big screen TV.”

Despite the long wait and cool temperatures, both Tatum and Ingram said the camaraderie in line makes spending the holiday away from their families.

“It's fun. I wouldn't trade it for the world,” Tatum said.

Area malls including Cools Springs, Rivergate and Opry Mills will all open their doors at Midnight.

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