Twinkies go for top dollar following shut down

Twinkies go for top dollar following shut down (Image 1)

Twinkie lovers may not have to say good bye to the cream-filled sponge cake treats just yet.

A federal judge in New York ordered Hostess Brands, the maker of Twinkies, into mediation with the union whose strike is being blamed for the company shutting down operations.  

Hostess Brands blamed the strike for its decision to shut down its 33 plants putting 18,000 employees out of work, less than a week before Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, opportunists are trying to sell Twinkies online at increased prices as the supply available in stores dwindles.

In Middle Tennessee one Craigslist ad offers a “slightly [but gently] used” Twinkie for a firm $99.

Another ad on Craigslist out of Cookeville offers one new unopened box of 10 individually wrapped Twinkies for $3,000 or best offer.

The ad also said it will maybe trade for interesting things.

“No, no, no they were very good and I enjoyed every one of them but not $3,000 worth,” Twinkie's fan Jim Wilson said. “I can't imagine somebody being so stupid to pay it and somebody would even ask that for it.”

On eBay there are reports of Twinkies being offered at $5,000.

“I grew up with Twinkies and I grew out with Twinkies,” Wilson said. “It is kind of sad.”

Wilson said it is also a sad situation for the employees of Hostess Brands.

“It is kind of sad that after 82 years a company is out of business,” Wilson said. “I don't care what kind of business it is that is really bad.”

The family of the seller in Cookeville called Nashville's News 2 late Monday evening to say all of the 10 Twinkies available for sale were sold.

The total amount made, according to the family, was $2,200.

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