Ft. Campbell soldiers treated to early Thanksgiving meal

Ft. Campbell soldiers treated to early Thanksgiving meal (Image 1)

The brigade dining halls at Ft. Campbell are treating soldiers and their families to a special Thanksgiving meal before the soldiers get four days off for the holiday.

“We are also pretty much giving the soldiers a little taste of Thanksgiving home style,” said SFC Cassandra Carter who is in charge of the 4th Brigade dining facility.

Carter continued, “We are serving steamed chip round of beef, prime rib [and] a lot of sea food. Everybody gets to enjoy a great feast today.”

Several brigades of the 101st Airborne Division are competing which each other to see which one can provide the best Thanksgiving dining experience.

“They are going to be grading us on creativity, decorations, customer service and cleanliness.”

During special holidays, it is Army tradition for the officers to dress in their Sunday best while serving food to their soldiers.

“You try to let the soldiers know how much you appreciate them every single day but this is a tangible, visible way they can see,” said 4th Brigade Commander, Colonel Val Keaveny.

About 800 soldiers and family members enjoyed the Thanksgiving meal Tuesday afternoon at the 4th Brigade dining hall.

Soldiers who do not go home for the holiday will be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner on post.

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