Community rallies around Nashville’s victims of Hurricane Sandy

Community rallies around Nashville's victims of Hurricane Sandy (Image 1)

Sunday night, one community came together in support of a young Nashville couple tragically affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Friends of Jo Ann Moyer, a cook at Firefly Grille, and her husband Brad, who works at Vanderbilt, put on Sunday's event at the Greenhouse Bar in Green Hills.

The Moyer's have been in New York and out of work dealing with the tragic affects of Hurricane Sandy.

Jo Ann Moyer's family lived in Tottenville on Staten Island.

Hurricane Sandy ripped through their seaside home on Monday October 29th.

“The water started coming in the house and all three of them ran upstairs to the second floor and they were in the bathroom, my dad was in the hallway in [the] door jam and my mom was holding my sister in the shower and she said the roof the blew off and knocked my sister out of her arms,” Jo Ann Moyer told Nashville's News 2.

The bodies of Jo Ann's 13 year old sister Angela and her father George were blocks away, days later.

Jo Ann's mother miraculously survived.

“We take every little thing for granted, they're here one day and gone the next,” Moyer said.
Jo Ann Moyer told Nashville's News 2 that her family did not want to leave their home because vandals had damaged it when they evacuated during Hurricane Irene.

“I wish I could have been there for them, I wish they would have left,” said Jo Ann.

While Jo Ann and Brad Moyer are still dealing with their grief, they are thankful for their friends who have reached out to help them.

“Two years ago when we pretty much lost everything in the floods, these same people came to our aid and helped us through the worst time in our lives and now they're helping us through the second worst time,” Brad Moyer told Nashville's News 2.

If you would like to help Jo Ann and Brad Moyer, visit Give It Forward.

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