Pair charged with stealing $1,500 in women’s underwear

Pair charged with stealing $1,500 in women's underwear (Image 1)

Two people were arrested Wednesday after a women tried unsuccessfully to return more than $1,500 in lingerie to the Victoria's Secret store in the Mall at Green Hills.

According to the Metro police affidavit, Rickeita Butler, 19, attempted to return the items without a receipt but the computer would not allow such a large return.

As she left the store she was questioned by undercover officers who asked her what she was doing with the merchandise.

She at first told police she was trying to return the items for her disabled father.

She later confessed that she and Chimayne Talley had taken the merchandise from the Victoria's Secret at the Opry Mills Mall two weeks earlier.

Police found Talley in the parking lot and both were arrested.

Talley told police he did not steal the merchandise.

The merchandise was returned to Victoria's Secret.

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