Mom fears more victims following scout leader’s arrest

Mom fears more victims following scout leader's arrest (Image 1)

The mother of a Shelbyville teen is speaking out after her son accused a local man of sexual misconduct.

The woman spoke only to Nashville's News 2, but asked to conceal her identity to protect her family.  

“It hurts me. It upsets me. It makes you mad, you know, that somebody can do anything like that to a child,” she said of the allegations.

Her 17-year-old son talked candidly with her in early November about what happened between him and 43-year-old Travis Scott Spivey.

“On several occasions he has given my son alcohol,” she said.  “And this one particular occasion, my son was asleep and woke up with him being, you know, just touched in the wrong way.”

Spivey was a science teacher at Liberty Elementary School and a Boy Scout Leader at the time of the alleged incident.

The woman told Nashville's News 2 Spivey was a mentor and father-figure to her son, often taking him hunting.

After her son confided in her, they went together to the Shelbyville Police Department.

Upon questioning by investigators, police said Spivey admitted to the misconduct. On November 7, he was arrested and charged with sexual battery by an authority figure.

However, the victim's mother is not happy with the case.

She claims investigators have not searched Spivey's home or computer for any additional evidence, and she fears they're taking Spivey's word that there are no other victims.

“Just because he has assured them doesn't mean that he's telling them the truth,” she said.  “My concern is if there are any other victims, you know, I would like for them to come forth and know that they would remain anonymous.”

The Shelbyville woman is proud her son came forward, and has a warning to other parents with young children.

“If they've been around him, whether it be in Boy Scouts or on a personal level, or even at school, they just really need to sit them down and have a personal conversation with them and make sure that they know,” she said.

Boy Scout officials immediately terminated Spivey following his arrest.  He has been suspended without pay from the school system, pending the outcome of the investigation.

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