Nashville Red Cross volunteers assist Hurricane Sandy victims

Nashville Red (Photo: WKRN)

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many volunteers from the Nashville chapter of the American Red Cross recently spent time helping those in need.

Jennifer Robins is among the volunteers who helped aide those most affected by the hurricane.

“We would drive up and down the streets and come to them due to the local gas problems,” she explained, adding, “They forget that they've missed yesterday's lunch and dinner, so we're there to remind them that to do this work and clean-up you've got to stay nourished.”

Robins told Nashville's News 2 it was difficult to leave the storm damaged areas knowing so many people were still in need.

“It was hard to leave because there's still people without power and without gas,” she said. “There's still a great need there and thankfully there's a lot of Red Cross people still there working on the ground.”

Now, more than two weeks after the devastating hurricane, there are still residents without power.

For more information on the American Red Cross, visit their Web site.

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