Months after fire Nashville church gets new steeple

Months after fire Nashville church gets new steeple (Image 1)

A south Nashville church damaged by fire in July had a new steeple installed on its roof on Wednesday.

The original steeple at Trinity Church of the Nazarene took a direct hit from a lightning strike when storms passed through Nashville on July 19.

Fire spread through the sanctuary while the steeple lay burning in the parking lot.

Pastor Mike Proctor told Nashville's News 2 the church's new steeple is not only significant for the church but for the entire community.  

“It's life back in the church for one thing, [but] it's more than that, the steeple you know is tall, and it's a landmark for the people to know this is where we come to gather,” he explained.

The steeple was designed by church members and built by a church steeple company in Roanoke, Alabama.

“The steeple is a little bit taller and there's a cross on top of it there's some theological significance they designed. I was proud of it,” Proctor said.

Proctor said area churches from as far away as Waverly helped the church in its recovery efforts.

The pastor added despite the fire the church has not missed a service due to damages or repairs.

The church still has some repairs to make in the upstairs portion of the sanctuary.

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