Nashville residents give back to Sandy victims

Nashville residents give back to Sandy victims (Image 1)

It's been nearly two weeks since Hurricane Sandy blew into the Northeast.

Nashville residents know what it's like to be a victim of Mother Nature, and that's why a group of volunteers are stepping up to help hurricane victims.

While most communities have begun the recovery process in places like New York City and Seaside Heights, New Jersey, the cries for help can still be heard.

“This is a grass roots effort that started with different organizations all over Nashville that kind of came together on the fly to do this,” said volunteer Jesse Mcyntire.

The local group Volunteer Ministries set up shop in front of Bridgestone Arena to collect donations.

Toiletries, batteries, bleach and rubber gloves are a few of the items collected.

The supplies will be sent to the hardest hit areas in the Northeast.

“We've got a big truck coming,” Mcyntire said. “It's loaded with supplies, and it's going to pick up supplies in Nashville and head into disaster areas where we have people waiting for them.”

If you did not make it to the supply drop-off but would still like to help, contact the local chapter of the American Red Cross.

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