Marching Spartans enhance fan experience at CPA

Marching Spartans enhance fan experience at CPA (Image 1)

Christ Presbyterian Academy has a solid football team, they're in the high school playoffs and looking good.

Despite the school's success on the football field, CPA's band program doesn't have enough students to field a full-fledge marching band.

“One thing football needs is a band,” said CPA Band Director Max Fulwider.

Friday, the autumn air at CPA's stadium was pierced by the sounds of woodwinds, brass, and percussion, provided by the Marching Spartans of Stratford High School.

“It's really incredible to have that experience here,” said CPA senior Alec Dreps. “It's something our school really needs.”

“Usually we can't get hyped up and now we're just going crazy with everybody,” added junior Joanna Hardman.

Besides enhancing the Friday night football experience, the partnership has served to create a strong bond between the two schools.

“It's like a big family with the band, we have this brother-sister vibe, all of us,” said Naima Turner, a senior trombone player from Stratford High.

There's even talk of making the “Guest Band” event a yearly tradition between the two schools.

“CPA and Stratford already have a good tradition,” said Michael Cheatham, a senior percussionist at Stratford HS.

“This is the best experience ever, I love coming out here,” Turner added.

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