Brentwood disaster response team aids hurricane victims

Brentwood disaster response team aids hurricane victims (Image 1)

A disaster response team from Brentwood remains in the northeast more than a week after Hurricane Sandy.

Nashville's News 2 recently spoke with members of Hope Force International via Skype who said the situation remains grim in many areas.

“The cry for help is still too strong here in Atlantic City,” Craig Snow said. “There's not enough resources to help those in need.”

Since their arrival, the organization has provided help to many residents affected by the flood, including 83-year-old Helena Nelson.

Nelson had two feet of water inside her home when Hope Force came knocking at her door.

“One of the things we were able to do is to come into her situation and provide some help, and she was just incredibly grateful,” Hope Force International president Jack Minton said.

Volunteers quickly assisted Helena by moving and tearing out water logged items.

Helena's sister, Donna said the group from the Volunteer State may have saved Helena's life.

“We're very thankful that we met them,” she said. “That they helped us get to where we are now and we know they will be there as we move forward.”

All of the volunteers traveling with the organization pay for their own expenses and do not earn a wage.

On Saturday, the Bridgestone Arena will collect items to send to hurricane victims from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Click here for a complete list of requested items.

For more information on Hope Force International, visit their Web site.

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