Middle Tenn. works on plan for future weather disasters

Middle Tenn. works on plan for future weather disasters (Image 1)

The historic floods of 2010 served as a wake up call to the city of Nashville and surrounding areas to create solutions for extreme flooding situations.

At a meeting on Thursday night at the Bellevue YMCA, experts explained and offered up possible solutions to make sure Music City does not end up underwater again.

“It's a group of the core of engineers, the TVA, Metro, lots of different entities working to see what can be done to mitigate and what can be done for future flooding damages, if something like that were to occur again,” Sonia Harvat of Metro Waters Services.

Experts have targeted 22 different flood prone areas since the 2010 floods.

In some locations, warning systems have already been installed, while residents in some neighborhoods were paid to relocate.

In an effort to make sure the downtown areas does not flood again, experts have to come up considerations that could be used including an inflatable wall or levy that would go up when flooding is imminent.

“There are two or three solutions possible downtown.  Again, until feasibility studies and costs are determined and benefits were really can't move forward with anything,” Harvat said.

Experts hope to have their ideas to engineers by the end of the month. After than, engineers will determine the feasibility, cost and funding possibilities to pay for each project.

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