Black Friday: Are the deals worth the headache?

Black Friday: Are the deals worth the headache? (Image 1)

Black Friday, the unofficial start to the Christmas holiday, is just two weeks away.

Many stores such as Walmart, Sears and Best Buy have already released their Black Friday sales circular, while other stores have had their sale papers leaked by Black Friday Web sites.

Nashville's News 2 did some comparison shopping with those released ads to find out how much shoppers save on advertised items, before fighting the early Friday or late Thursday crowds.

Best Buy is advertising a 40 inch Toshiba television for $179. A search on Amazon found the same television at its regular sales price for $380.

However, other deals didn't seem as good.

Walmart's Black Friday circular advertises an HP 2000 laptop for $279, but we found the same laptop at Office Max for $320.

Nashville's News 2 took to Facebook to ask if Black Friday shoppers if fighting the crowds were worth the savings.

“I don't think fighting the crowds only to find the store only has three of the items you want. I'd rather shop online,” Pam Elfie said.

Darlene Sutton Searcy added, “I have not found a deal that is worthy of facing Black Friday crowds!”

While Jan Luttrell added, “We girls go out to get in the mood for Christmas, don't save any money.”

This year, Walmart will begin its Black Friday events at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving, which is two hours earlier than last year.

Cool Springs Galleria and Rivergate Mall will open at Midnight on Black Friday.

For more information on Black Friday sales, visit

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