Wrecked cars serve as reminders to teen drivers

Wrecked cars serve as reminders to teen drivers (Image 1)

A Metro high school is dealing with a spate of car crashes, involving students and former students.

And now, students say they're ready to “put the brakes” on this deadly trend.

Sitting on the lawn outside of Hillwood High School, a wrecked car serves as a stark reminder against the dangers of distracted driving- a heart shaped key chain and set of pom-poms are still on the seats.

“It's just a reminder if you don't make the right choice what can happen,” said Junior Kat Zecevic.

It's been an especially tough month for the Hillwood community.

“I believe we've lost three kids and two still severely injured,” said Hillwood head football coach Bubba Spears.

Two and half weeks ago, two Hillwood high school students, just a few months after graduating, died in a car wreck on Highway 70 in Bellevue.

Investigators believe their car was going almost twice the speed limit and neither student was wearing a seat belt.

Hillwood High School senior, Caroline Knight told Nashville's News 2, “It's really unexpected to see people that you talk to almost every day suddenly just disappear from your life.”

“That's what got us started on this, with the Hillwood family,” added Spears, “That's why we started SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions.”

The club officially began this week, with these cars as their first project.

One of the wrecked cars sits in front of the entrance where parents drop off students; the other vehicle is in front of the lot where student drivers park.

“It's been really tough, but we've gotten through it and we're all here for each other,” said Kat Zecevic.

The SADD Club also wants to tackle other important issues, like bullying and drug and alcohol abuse to encourage students to make positive decisions.

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