Lipscomb Academy student earns perfect SAT score

Lipscomb Academy student earns perfect SAT score (Image 1)

A Lipscomb Academy student is doing more than making the grade. She's made the perfect grade.

Han Na Kim earned a 2400, the highest score possible, on her SAT.

“It's still kind of unbelievable,” she told Nashville's News 2.

Kim first saw her score online in the school library and immediately called her parents.

“They [my parents] always want me to try my best,” Kim said. “If that doesn't land me where I want to go, that's okay with them.”

The SAT is the most widely taken college entrance exam that tests critical-thinking and problem-solving.  

The test is divided into three sections including reading, writing, and math. The best score for each section is 800, for a total best of 2400.

Kim, 18, credits her perfect score to a college word book, support from family and friends and faith.

“That morning when I got up, I prayed to God and just overall I felt a strange kind of peace and confidence,” she said.

The high school senior has studied at Lipscomb Academy for the last seven years, but she spent much of her early education in her home country of South Korea.

She speaks three languages, plays piano and flute and enjoys tutoring others.

Kim is currently enrolled in honors, advanced placement and college-level courses.

The challenging workload is in line with recommendations for SAT success, but the perfect score wasn't easy.

Before her score of 2400, she scored 2180.

When asked if she could repeat the perfect score, Kim nervously laughed and said, “I don't want to take it again. It's a very long test.”

Kim remains undecided about her college education. She plans to submit applications to multiple universities across the country, but there is one school peeking her interest more than others.

“I am sending an application to Harvard, and it's a very lofty ambition,” said Kim.  “I feel like it's a school I would definitely love to be accepted.”

According to the College Board, the body that administers the test, SAT data is released by graduating class.  

Among the class of 2012, more than 1.6 million students took the test nationwide. Only 360 students achieved the highest possible score.  Of those, only four were in Tennessee.

For the last several years, on average, only 0.02% of test-takers earned a perfect score.

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