Commissioner suggests adding driver’s license renewal fee

Commissioner suggests adding driver's license renewal fee (Image 1)

A top governor's commissioner is suggesting the state charge a fee for both online and mailed-in license renewals.

Finance Commissioner Mark Emkes brought up the idea during Tuesday's budget hearing.

In a statement to Nashville's News 2, Commissioner Bill Gibbons said compared to other states, Tennessee is on the lower side but added, “We are not proposing any change as part of our budget at this time.”

Driver Jason Danner said he wouldn't mind paying extra if it meant avoiding long lines at the driver testing center.  

Danner waited more than an hour Wednesday at the Hart Lane location in Nashville to renew his driver's license.  

“You hate it and you hate having to schedule a whole day just to come out and renew your license,” he said.

The average wait time at driver testing centers statewide is 33 minutes.

If the increase is approved, it would mark the first in driver's license costs since the 1980's.

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