Wheel tax referendum on ballot again in Sumner County

Wheel tax referendum on ballot again in Sumner County (Image 1)

Residents in Sumner County will take to the polls on Tuesday to decide on the future of a referendum that would increase wheel tax costs. 

Sumner County resident and motorist Chris Kramer spent $75 for his new vehicle tags on Monday.

If the wheel tax referendum passes on Election Day, the cost to renew tags will increase by $25.

“Seventy-five dollars sounds a lot better than a $100,” Kramer said.

When told the additional money raised would benefit Sumner County students, his tune changed slightly.

“Well, that wouldn't be too bad,” he said.

Sumner County executive Anthony Holt told Nashville's News 2 if the increase is passed, it would raise approximately $3 million to three and a half million dollars for education.

“It would totally be dedicated for schools,” Holt said.  

Sumner Board of Education Chairman Ted Wise added, “I think it has a chance [of passing]. It will not solve the problem; however it will ease the pain. We would not have to cut as deeply as we would have had to cut.”

In August, Sumner County schools were closed while the Board of Education and the County Commission went head-to-head over funding.

Finally after an ongoing battle, a budget agreement was reached.

If passed the referendum would guarantee the funds would go to the school's budget and could not be used for any other purpose.

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