Metro police officer shot in east Nashville

Metro police officer shot in east Nashville (Image 1)

A Metro police officer was injured in a shooting following a routine traffic stop in east Nashville Monday morning.

Police department spokesperson Don Aaron said the suspect, 18-year-old Eric Perkins, was pulled over shortly before 10 a.m. on North Fifth Street by an officer who thought his car looked suspicious.

After the officer, Michelle Steidl, ran Perkins' identification and found he had a record, she asked to search his vehicle.

Aaron said at first Perkins acted as if he would get out of the car.  Instead, he drove away but ditched his SUV a short distance away at the Riverchase Apartments on Joseph Avenue and took off on foot.

Officer Faye Denson responded to the scene was shot as she chased the suspect down an alley off Stockell Street near Grace Street.

Denson, 44, a seven-year veteran of the Metro Police Department, suffered a gunshot wound to her leg and was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  

“When I first got the call, it was a little scary because I hadn't heard that something had happened,” sister Diane Denson told Nashville's News 2.

She was released Monday afternoon and is expected to follow up with her primary care doctor.

A second officer who also responded to the scene, Carroll Fondaw, shot Perkins in the upper torso.

“When she goes out there, she's not by herself,” Diane Denson said. “She's always with a team and with a group of people, so when something does happen, someone else is always around, so you're not by yourself when you're in that kind of field.”

Perkins was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in critical condition and is expected to be charged with attempted criminal homicide following his release.

Officer Fondaw has since been placed on routine administrative leave.

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