Judge will allow Lindsey Lowe’s confession in trial

Judge will allow Lindsey Lowe's confession in trial (Image 1)

A Sumner County judge ruled early Monday evening a Hendersonville woman’s alleged confession will be used in her upcoming trial.

Investigators say Lindsey Lowe told them she killed her twin boys shortly after giving birth to them during a police interview in September of 2011.

The young mother admitted to detectives she suffocated the boys in the bathroom of her parent’s Hendersonville home because she had hid the pregnancy from her family.

Lowe’s defense attorneys wanted to get those statements thrown out of court.

They argued she was not capable of understanding her rights at the time of the interview and they disputed she was issued her Miranda rights at all during the investigation.

“We felt like we developed the proof well but the judge disagrees and that’s what judges are for,” Lowe’s attorney John Pellegrin said.

During a discussion hearing Monday, the state called on the lead detective in the case who testified Lowe seemed normal when he met with her and did not seem to have any medical issues.

For the prosecution, Lowe’s confession is a key piece of evidence as the case moves forward.

“It’s a big part of our case, anytime a defendant gives a statement as to what happened its something that the jury will want to hear,” Sumner Co. District Attorney Ray Whitley told Nashville’s News 2.

Lowe’s trial date is set for March 11, 2013.

She faces two counts of felony first degree murder, two counts of pre-meditated first degree murder and two counts of aggravated child abuse.

She is out of jail on bond and staying with family.

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