Driving centers open for extra day before Election Day

Driving centers open for extra day before Election Day (Image 1)

Several driving centers across Tennessee opened their doors Saturday for voters who still need a photo identification card, a new requirement by law at the polls.

The DMV on Centennial Boulevard was one of eight locations across the state that opened an extra day so that voters could get an ID, because without a state or federal issued card, one would not be allowed to vote on Election Day.

Some future voters did not oppose the state's ruling, saying it would help the commission as well as those working the polls come Tuesday.

“I think it's great,” said Davidson County resident Ruby Moore, who was first in line on Saturday. “It will make voting easier, it's beneficial to the election commission. I think it's wonderful.”

The voter ID law is still a hot button issue across the state and the country, and the state of Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security is doing what they can to help.

“We are never sure how many people will come in,” said Melissa McLeud, the district supervisor, “but we are here from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. so we will take as many people as we can.”

For some, their driver's license didn't have a picture. Others, though, never obtained a license.

Moore says without the extra open day she probably wouldn't be voting.

“I don't have time between the hours that they are open to get there so this was great,” Moore said. “This was very convenient.”

If you didn't make it Saturday and still want a free voter ID, you can still go Monday or Tuesday during regular business hours.

“Just because the election ends doesn't mean we stop doing them,” McLeud said. “So if you need a voter ID we will still be doing them the rest of the year.”

Reports show that more than 24,000 voter ID cards have been issued this year across the state.

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