Maury County teen spends year helping make community safer

Maury County teen spends year helping make community safer (Image 1)

A Maury County teenager and Eagle Scout has spent more than a year helping make his community safer.

Sixteen-year-old Kyle Upchurch raised more than $13,000 to build a helipad in the Mynder Community located just south of Columbia.

Upchurch told Nashville's News 2 raising the thousands of dollars was the hardest part of the project.

“We went door knocking. We had an auction,” he said. “People from the Methodist church down here gave $1,000 just for this. I went down there and gave a speech and they gave $1,000.”

In addition to raising the needed funds, Upchurch said he helped with the project from start to finish.

“I [did] anything from shoveling a little gravel, putting a little sod down to pouring concrete. I [did] a little bit of everything,” Upchurch said.

Vanderbilt Flight Paramedic Mike Clement told Nashville's News 2 Upchurch's hard work will not only provide a safe and secure place to land, but will also help same time when it counts the most.

“It keeps our crews safe by coming to a designated area. This is a remarkable landing area that is easily to be seen from the sky, well lit and prepares us to get into a community like this so that we can shave those minutes and seconds off in the community,” Clement said.

Upchurch said building the new helipad has taught him a valuable lesson.

“I can do just about anything if I put my mind to it. If I can accomplish this there is no telling what I can do,” he said.

A dedication ceremony is scheduled for Saturday at the Mynder Helipad.

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