Brentwood church choir performed at CMA Awards

Brentwood church choir performed at CMA Awards (Image 1)

CMA Awards night featured some show-stopping performances from A-list artists, but it also put a local church choir in the national spot light.

About 90 members of the Brentwood Baptist Church Choir were featured in Brad Paisley's performance of “Southern Comfort Zone” Thursday night.

It's the first time these singers have been participated in the CMA's, and it's something Jackie Arnold said she will never forget.

“It was an incredible experience,” Arnold, who's been singing with the choir for 21 years, told Nashville's News 2.

A chance meeting between Paisley and the pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church more than a decade ago helped pave the way for Thursday night's performance.

“He's a member of the church and has been for many years,” explained Arnold. “He met our pastor, Mike Glenn, back when he was a student at Belmont.”

When Paisley needed a choir to sing background for his new song, he knew right where to go for help.

“It was just so nice of him to give us the opportunity to do something like this,” said Arnold.

Arnold made sure to document Thursday's experience performing at the CMA Awards, from the dress rehearsal to the big moment itself, with pictures every step of the way.

The singers started singing while walking into Bridgestone Arena, standing in the aisles during the song.

“We were looking at Brad while we were singing and then after we stopped, they went to commercial,” said Arnold, “And somebody said 'What are y'all?' Well, we're with Brentwood Baptist Choir.”

Arnold said the hours of practice and rehearsal, was all worth it, for their time to shine in the national spotlight.

“It would be a ‘Bucket List' thing,” Arnold told Nashville's News 2. “But who would ever put that on their ‘Bucket List?'”

The choir can also be heard in the recording of Paisley's song on his newest album, set to be released next April.

The choir recorded the song with Paisley over the summer in the studio.

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