Woman says she stole purses to repay debt

Woman says she stole purses to repay debt (Image 1)
Woman says she stole purses to repay debt (Image 1)

Police arrested a Clarksville woman Tuesday after she reportedly stole two purses from two women at two area businesses.

Jennifer Bouknight, 27, was identified as a suspect through security footage at the Walmart store on Ft. Campbell Boulevard after a victim reported she left her purse unattended for a short period of time and it was stolen.

Not long after, an officer spotted Bouknight in the parking lot of the nearby Rite-Aid store.

As the officer approached, police said Bouknight put her vehicle in reverse in an attempt to getaway.

Bouknight was eventually removed from her vehicle and taken into custody.

When Bouknight was searched, Xanex and cocaine were found.

Two stolen purses were found in her car.  The other was reportedly stolen from a shopper at the Kroger store on Dover Road.

Bouknight told police she owed $250 to a man and stole the purses to repay the debt.

It was also discovered during the investigation that Bouknight had used one of the victim's credit cards.

Bouknight was charged with identity theft, two counts of theft of property, driving on a revoked license, resisting, two counts of simple possession and possession of cocaine for resale.

She was booked into the Montgomery County jail on a $13,500 bond.

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