Windy AND Cold!

Windy AND Cold! (Image 1)

A Freeze Warning is in effect from 4 until 8AM Wednesday morning.  Lows will be at least near freezing, but in low lying areas that are protected from the wind temperatures are likely to drop to 32 degrees or below.

The breezy conditions persist tonight and into Wednesday morning but should begin to back off a bit by Trick or Treat time Wednesday evening.

Sunshine during the day will help push temps to the upper 50s for highs. Of course, when the sun drops just before 6pm the temps will begin to tumble.  I expect 56 degrees still at 5pm, but we should be down to 46 by 7:30pm or so. 

If you are working up that Halloween costume tonight, think layers for UNDER the costume so you don't have to cover it up with a big coat! 😦

Warmer weather back for the second half of the work week.  We'll check it out on News 2 at 10.

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