Univ. officials share ways to stand out when applying for admission

Univ. officials share ways to stand out when applying for admission (Image 1)

Colleges are already looking for their next class of students as application deadlines for spring semesters quickly approach.

“At Belmont, we will have the majority of our freshman applications by early December. The fall is a very busy time both for families, but also for colleges and university admission offices,” explained David Mee, Belmont University's Dean of Enrollment and Associate Provost.  

College admission officials told Nashville's News 2, students should begin preparing for college soon after entering high school.

Dr. John Cade Associate Provost of Academic Affairs at Tennessee State University said he recommends high students take the ACT and SAT tests early and often.

“Students who take the test more than once score about one to two points over the previous test,” he said.

University officials also added colleges are also looking for well rounded students.

“Students would be well served to take the time that is necessary to present a full review of their background,” suggested Mee.

Mee added students should let the admission counselors know they are well rounded by sharing accomplishments as well as future goals, interests and passions.

After identify three to five potential college choices students are encouraged not to wait to apply.  

“Students who procrastinate may find themselves on a waiting list. They may find themselves having been shut out of an opportunity,” said Dr. Cade.

Officials said another way to have your college application stand out in the crowd is to proof read applications and related material before submission.

“One of the things that I will stress is quality over quantity. In terms of writing an essay for instance, it isn't the length of the essay rather how well the student shared the thought they were intending to share,” said Mee.

Mee said he also encourages potential students to fully explore financial aid packages offered by schools before ruling out a college based on cost.

“There are many students on private and public university campuses today that had they ruled out that institution because of perceived affordability would have missed out on a great opportunity,” he said.

When applying to multiple colleges, students should pay attention to application and scholarship deadlines which vary from university to university.

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