Meeting held to discuss plans for 17 acre Brentwood town center

Meeting held to discuss plans for 17 acre Brentwood town center (Image 1)

A huge development is planned south of Nashville in Williamson County.

If approved, The Streets of Brentwood would be built near Maryland Way and Franklin Road in Brentwood on the former Murray Ohio headquarters property and land where the current Tennessee Baptist Convention Center sits.

The 17 acre, 970,000 square foot town center would include offices, residential living spaces, retail shops, restaurants, a theatre and parking spots for more than 2,700 vehicles.

However, at a community meeting on Monday night, some Brentwood residents were concerned about potential traffic problems in the already congested area.

“You can sit on Maryland Way, it's seems like half an hour but it may be 10 minutes and it seems like it's a long wait to get across Franklin Road,” Brentwood resident, Judy Lawing told Nashville's News 2.

Janice Duks added, “I don't know that we'll be able to leave our homes at Noon or 5 p.m. or early in the morning because of the traffic. The traffic is horrendous.”

At Monday's meeting, those concerns were met with plans from the developers.

“In some cases adding a lane so that more traffic can flow through that intersection the other thing is in the overall site we have multiple ways in and out of the development,” Michael Hindman, president of H. Michael Hindman Architects told Nashville's News 2.

Those behind this project see it as a major step forward for the city of Brentwood.

“For it to come together I think the city, the community is going to be very pleased,” said Hindman.

The property still needs to be approved by the city of Brentwood for re-zoning from commercial use to mixed use.

A first reading on the re-zoning will take place in November.

For more information on the project visit

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