JOE BIDDLE: Sunday Notes: Oct. 28, 2012

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Random ruminations while wondering whatever happened to Charley Ward. …

  • Rod Reed knows where to recruit, especially in the winter when the Sunshine State is calling his name.

    The Tennessee State football coach has 27 players from Florida on his current roster.

    A number of them have played pivotal roles as TSU is battling for the OVC Championship.

    Quarterback Michael German is from Pompano Beach Ely. Going into Saturday's Homecoming game, he had thrown for 1,829 yards with 12 TDs and seven interceptions.

    The Tigers leading rusher is running back Trabis Ward, who has gained 1,076 yards for 14 TDs. He played his high school ball at Fort Lauderdale Dillard.

    The two top receivers are also Florida products. Redshirt senior Travis James played at Fort Lauderdale Boyd Anderson and leads the Tigers with 26 receptions for 482 yards and three TDs.

    Tight end A.C. Leonard prepped at Jacksonville University Christian and is second in receiving with 29 grabs for 426 yards and three TDs. He transferred from Florida.

  • Congratulations to retired Metro Police Chief Joe Casey. They are naming the West Nashville Police Precinct for Casey.

    Casey was an outstanding athlete in Nashville, later coached youth baseball and officiated football and basketball. He is currently on the Old Timers Baseball Association's Board of Directors.

    Unfortunately, condolences are also in order as Casey lost his wife, Jewell, earlier this month after a long illness. She was 84.

  • Nashville's Karen Waldrup sang the National Anthem prior to the Cleveland Browns-Cincinnati Bengals NFL game in Cleveland on Oct. 14.

    Waldrup is a country singer who makes a lot of local appearances. Check out her website to find her schedule.

  • You wonder why football coaches stress fundamentals? Florida tight end Jordan Reed took a pass and headed for the end zone, carrying the football like a loaf of Bunny Bread.

    No surprise that Georgia's All-American Jarvis Jones was there to punch the ball out as Reed went airborne in an attempt to score. The ball went into the end zone where Georgia recovered it for a touchback.

    Dawgs slip out of Jax with a 17-9 win and likely the SEC East title and a berth in the SEC Championship Game.

    Somewhere, Larry Munson is hunkered down.

    Florida loses its No. 2 BCS ranking and a shot to dislodge Alabama.

  • The Post Game website has revealed its list of the top 10 Most Athletic Presidents, judging on five different points.

    Most athletic, although you would be hard pressed to believe it if you ever saw him play golf, is the late Gerald Ford.

    The 6-0, 200-pound Ford was Michigan's starting center on two of its national championship teams. The Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions offered him contracts after college, but Ford opted to attend law school at Yale.

    Ford scored a perfect 25 points on the website's criteria. He also played tennis and golf.

    Others of note include John F. Kennedy, who finished sixth, just ahead of Ronald Reagan. Current president Barack Obama rounded out the top 10. He is mainly known for his pickup basketball and golf games.

  • Major League Baseball missed a great chance to honor the sport by failing to invite the Goodlettsville Little League team to be recognized at the World Series. The team won the United States title this summer.

    They could have flown them to a game in Detroit and introduced them before or during the seventh inning stretch.

    The team is trying to arrange a trip to Uganda, a team that the Goodlettsville team bonded with during their stay in Williamsport.

    They need approximately $300,000 to make the trip possible. It would be an impactful opportunity to extend their friendship and see just how impoverished the Uganda team was, as most of the players didn't even own baseball shoes.

  • Alabama Coach Nick Saban offered a proposal that would change college football's landscape.

    He would like to see four or five major conferences with a total of approximately 60 teams. They would have to schedule all opponents within those conferences and eliminate all the cupcake games.

    Saban claims it would make those 60 teams stronger. And what makes you stronger won't kill you. I don't see this happening, as there would be major pushback from even the best programs.

    There would still be opportunities to schedule weaker teams in other conferences. The only way for Saban's idea to gain traction would be for every other team to have the roster Saban has enjoyed the past four years.

  • It was sad to see former LSU football players being placed in police cars after they were busted for possession of marijuana last week.

    It effectively ended Tyrann Mathieu's college football career, as the Honey Badger was dismissed earlier from the SEC school on what has been reported for failing multiple drug tests.

    Former quarterback Jordan Jefferson was among those arrested in an apartment rented by Mathieu.

    Former NBA star John Lucas worked with Mathieu at his drug rehabilitation center and said he didn't believe Mathieu had a marijuana addiction. Lucas may want to rethink that, as Mathieu can't just say no.

  • With hoops around the corner, there is no question where the center of the college basketball universe is: Kentuckiana.

    The top three teams in the AP preseason poll were Indiana, Louisville and Kentucky. It took some time, but Tom Crean has now put the Hoosiers back in the national championship picture.

  • ESPN's Heisman Trophy panel offers a poll that has had major changes since West Virginia's Geno Smith was the dominant top choice.

    A panel of ESPN college football experts now has Kansas State QB Collin Klein out in front by a 75-41 point margin over Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o.

    Oregon running back Kenjohn Barner is third with Alabama QB AJ McCarron fourth. Rounding out the top five is Ohio State QB Braxton Miller.

  • Late night giggle man Jimmy Fallon: “On Sunday, a documentary about Lance Armstrong's doping scandal will air exclusively on CNN. Armstrong was like, Phew. Thank God no one's going to see it.''
  • So Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall was fined $10,500 by the NFL fashion police for wearing orange shoes in a game even though orange is one of the Bears' team colors.

    Somewhere, Billy “White Shoes'' Johnson is shedding a tear.

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