App allows parents to easily track kids on Halloween

App allows parents to easily track kids on Halloween (Image 1)

Halloween means lots of little kids on the streets, and Wednesday night will not be any different. Parents know how scary this can be, but with the help of a new app, your smartphone can help keep your kids safe.

Life360, a free app for Android and iPhone, works with your phone's location service or GPS to track anyone in your group. The app is secure, so all members of the group have to grant permission for the others to track them.

Once everybody has downloaded the app on their phones, dots representing their locations will appear on a map. It's fairly accurate, sometimes identifying a person's location within 50 feet. It also shows you how long ago they were at that spot.

The app includes a button that allows users to send a message to everyone in the group so if you're in danger, the others will receive an alert with your exact location.  You can also set up email or text alerts so you can connect with people who don't have the app or can't get a good data signal. Like most location apps, including Apple's Find My Friends or Google's Latitude, Life360 requires a data connection.

The app is even tied into the FBI's sex offender database, so you can zoom in to the street where your kids are trick-or-treating and yellow icons will show you the homes of sex offenders in the area. You'll see their address, the crime they were convicted of and their mugshot.

Another perk for Life360 is the security of the app. No one can track someone they shouldn't. All of the devices in the group must give permission for others to follow them.

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