‘Nashville’ highlights unique Music City locations

'Nashville' highlights unique Music City locations (Image 1)

Nashville's News 2 got a behind the scenes look as ABC's new hit television show “Nashville” shot on location at an area home on Wednesday afternoon.

During the shoot, which was at an impressive multi-million dollar contemporary home with views of Oak Hill and the Nashville skyline, hundreds of workers were on set making sure everything operated smoothly.

“I probably have 250 to 300 people [on the crew] between here and the stages building sets where we'll go tomorrow,” explained line producer Loucas George.

While scenes shot on Wednesday won't actually air until later in the season, George said each element of the shoot says something about the characters involved and the city of Nashville.

“This is a house Juliette is supposed to have moved into from her old house in Belle Meade. We wanted to take her out of that environment into a new environment showing she's moving on with her life. At the same time this house is very different for Nashville. We thought it shows Nashville in a bigger light,” he explained.

As for the actors, like Chip Esten, who plays guitarist Deacon Claybore, the best part of the show for him is being in Music City.

“The fact that we are shooting it here is so important to establishing the feel of it, the vibe of it,” he told Nashville's News 2.

Esten, alongside actress Hayden Panettierre who plays Juliette Barnes, both said they enjoy their time shooting the show in Nashville and the city itself.

“I love Nashville. Nashville is great,” Panettierre said. “It's the perfect little big town.”

Panettierre and Esten also added they enjoy dining at popular Nashville restaurants including Bound'ry and Monell's.

“Nashville” airs on Nashville's News 2 each Wednesday night at 9 p.m.

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